A New Year for Manufacturing Security

Cream cheese and cybersecurity may not seem like they belong in the same sentence, but a current shortage is proving otherwise. As Quartz reports, the supply issue is partially due to a cyber-attack that disrupted plants and distribution centers connected to Schreiber Foods, a large-scale cheese manufacturer. But the example of manufacturers facing cybersecurity concerns doesn’t end with cream cheese. The beverage manufacturing industry is also looking to strengthen its cybersecurity stance. According to an analysis from GlobalData, 51.4% of beverage manufacturing and supply companies are hiring for cybersecurity related positions. This is an increase from both last month and last year.

Driven by changes brought about by the pandemic, “… manufacturers have had to assess and reassess their operating models, processes and more—just to maintain productivity,” Jush Danielson from AT&T shared with Industry Week. While many of these shifts come with greater connectivity, they also expand the attack surface. That’s why the integration of cybersecurity is certain to be just as important in 2022 as it was in 2021 for these and other manufacturing sectors. In a roundup of experts’ predictions for manufacturing cybersecurity in the new year, Industry Week outlines that not only will organizations continue to catch up with implementing security measures, but they should also further their cybersecurity awareness training programs including both IT and company-wide teams. Such practices will be helpful as challenges like third-party risks and cybercriminal strategies are predicted to grow.

Deloitte also studied the cybersecurity factors likely to keep manufacturers on their toes in 2022 with its “2022 Manufacturing Industry Outlook.” Despite the previous mention of sectors like the beverage industry amping up hiring activity, Deloitte summarized that unfulfilled jobs will continue to plague manufacturing’s security in the coming year. Therefore, the suggestion to strategically train team members is further emphasized. Developing greater cybersecurity initiatives like this will take a willingness to invest, though, which the industry seems willing to do. The Deloitte report concluded that following a series of high-profile attacks occurring throughout 2021, “82% of manufacturing executives surveyed expect their organizations will invest more in 2022, focusing mostly on areas of prevention,” as Rob Spiegel wrote for DesignNews.


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