Veracity Industrial Networks was founded on the belief that networking is a critical component of any business. With growing cybersecurity concerns throughout the critical infrastructure space, the Veracity leadership team seized a unique opportunity to converge best practices from both the IT and OT areas to develop an OT-optimized solution. It’s not uncommon for OT networks to have a mix of legacy and modern devices, various network protocols, and a mix of switch vendors. Those sometimes-archaic solutions are managing the world’s most demanding, complex applications in industries like energy, food processing, water/wastewater, electric power distribution, the department of defense, and more.

The vision for Veracity is to offer industrial control system (ICS) network solutions that address reliability, visibility, data traffic control, and deny-by-default security following IT best practices. The experienced executive team and board members have adapted the proven IT software defined networking (SDN) framework to address the real-time needs of OT networks. The outcome reduces the OT network attack surface by designing micro-segmentation into the network architecture.

Veracity works with leading go-to-market technology partners to assess, implement, and manage comprehensive ICS network solutions. From network consolidation to inherent cybersecurity defenses, the Veracity solution provides enterprise-class security through a centralized command center customized for OT network visibility and management.

Executive Team

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Jim Crowley, CEO

As Veracity’s CEO, Jim is passionate about the company’s mission and focus on protecting critical infrastructure.  A seasoned technology executive with over 20 years in the information security space, Jim has helped build companies including Industrial Defender, Threatstack, and SecurityMatters into high growth organizations. Jim started his career as an industrial sales specialist for A.W. Chesterton company, a supplier of specialty chemicals, seals, and pumps, managing a territory in Northern New England that included shipyards, pulp and paper, textiles, auto parts manufacturers and power plants.


Jason Weber, VP of Product

Jason has nearly 30 years of experience in software, product management, product development, and business leadership in the manufacturing space.  Prior to taking on this position with Veracity, Jason led the Digital Solutions team at Rexnord Corporation where he was responsible for creating IIoT condition monitoring products and digital services. He has also worked with organizations such as Rockwell Automation in various leadership roles.  Jason also volunteers his time with the NC R!oT incubator mentoring seed stage startups.

Board of Directors

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Dave Whitehead, CEO at SEL

Leading Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories’ management team, Dave is responsible for research and development, sales, engineering services, marketing, manufacturing, quality, and business operations at SEL. He is also the host of Schweitzer Drive, a podcast that explores what goes on between the generation of electricity and the light switch. In each episode, Dave talks with the entrepreneurs, innovators, and experts who are inventing the future of electric power.

Jeff Smith, CTO at DYNICS & Acting CTO at Veracity

Jeff has spent the last 20 years architecting plant floor control systems and networks with the goal of safely and securely moving data from the manufacturing space to the enterprise while integrating security from the edge to the enterprise. Jeff is an evangelist for Software Defined Networking (SDN) as the foundation of Control System Networks and believes that its advent will change the way control system networks are implemented and managed in the future.


Doug Post, PE, PEng, President at Interstates

Doug Post, P.E., P.Eng., is President at Interstates and has been with the company since 1994. Through his 25+ years at Interstates, he’s worked in various industries like value-added ag, food and beverage, energy and chemical, and more. With Doug’s systems-thinking and collaborative skills, he serves as a board member to help ensure a clear path forward for Veracity’s product, Net-Optix™. At Interstates, he’s used these same skills to lead teams to success as an advisor for our operational technology, analytics, investment, estimating, and project management teams.

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