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Veracity and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) are partnering on a DOE-sponsored program known as “Chess Master Project.’ This paper is a deep dive into the project and the solutions the team has identified.


ICS Cybersecurity

Former NERC regulator Earl Shockley studies the state of ICS network readiness based on NERC CIP violations and suggests technologies that are workable solutions.


Infographic Cover


This informative infographic looks at the security threats created by the convergence of OT and IT, then examines the advantages of implementing industrial SDN as a solution.


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Veracity Net-Optix™

This paper examines the specific issues and solutions provided by Veracity’s platform, focusing on the implementation of SDN as used by Veracity’s Net-Optix™ product.



Paul Myer at the Cove

Veracity CEO Paul Myer discusses industrial cybersecurity at a recent “Coffee @ The Cove” event.

Why the Energy Sector Must Understand Supply Chain Cyber Risks

Former NERC regulator Earl Shockley reviews the issue of Supply Chain Cyber Security in the power industry and addresses recent new NERC regulations.

Is Your Company Prepared for Modular ICS Malware?

Acacia Security Founder & CEO Mike Smith reviews the 2015 and 2016 cyber-attacks on the Ukrainian power grid. The malware used in the 2016 attack is modular, reusable and poses a serious threat to our nation’s critical infrastructure.

Introduction to Industrial Control Systems Threats Risks and Future Cybersecurity Trends

WIRAB Webinar #1 This webinar provides an introduction to the differences between electric utility information technology systems and industrial control systems. The presentation also covers the cyber risks and threats to electric utility systems.

Power Grid Resilience and Mitigating the Impacts of a Cyber Event

WIRAB Webinar #2 On this webinar, improving the resilience of electric utility networks is the key topic. Also addressed are some of the challenges with maintaining operations with secure systems.

Challenges with State/Provincial Policies to Address Cyber Risk

WIRAB Webinar #3.  This installment discusses challenges with policies aimed at encouraging good cyber practices and how state and provincial policymakers can encourage utilities to achieve cybersecurity practices beyond the minimum requirements.


Veracity is working with Sempra Energy and Schweitzer Engineering Labs on “Chess Master,” a cybersecurity initiative sponsored by the US DOE. This page provides an update on the project and provides links to background and related documents.