Business Partnering

Veracity is led by an experienced team with deep industrial networking and cybersecurity experience. Our shared goal is to change the Industrial Operational Technology (OT) Networking paradigm with a system platform that provides enterprise-class security while simplifying network deployment and management. Partnering with best-in-class technology and solution providers is critical to the Veracity business model.

With the fast-paced cybersecurity landscape, our customers often have difficulty hiring and retaining network and security experts. Further, it’s not uncommon for complex network segmentation projects to require support from highly skilled system integrator teams. If you’d like to learn more about the Veracity partner program, we’re always looking to expand our network of integrators. Let’s talk!

System Integrator Partners

As a pure software company, we work closely with world-class partners that offer secure networking solutions. Through all phases of your project, our system integrators have teams of experts to help you reach your business outcomes. Our system integrators help reduce your network and security project risk from consultation to installation and ongoing technical support. Learn more about the technical solutions that our integrator partners offer today.

Technology Partners

The Veracity product line is designed from the ground up to enable our customers to transform their existing tools into smart, secure systems that will segment and manage their network traffic. We are always looking for active technology partners to build standalone apps using an open REST API that allows any other platform to move beyond alerting and monitoring and into proactively managing a network. We also welcome technology partners to Veracity-enable existing products to enhance the overall customer solution.

Partners With

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