Manage Cyber Risk With OT-SDN

Simplify and Secure your Industrial Communication Network

software defined networking

Optimize your OT security strategy with a resilient and segmented approach to industrial network management

As industrial control networking teams manage cyber threats, micro-segmentation has uncovered new ways to manage cyber risk through software-defined networking. From network resiliency to visibility across the organization, the Veracity OT Network Management Platform can reduce your network attack surface.

Veracity OT Network Controller Delivers an OT-SDN Solution

The Veracity Controller simplifies and streamlines the process of maintaining and managing cyber risk through network resiliency and centralized network management

Standard Network Solutions

  • Drastically simplified network architecture
  • Deny by default
  • Rules learning engine
  • Network asset management
  • Network visibility
  • Legacy network connectivity support
  • Time based rules
  • RESTful API (Programmatic Integration)
  • Redundant network controller

Enterprise Network Solutions

  • Drastically simplified network architecture
  • Deny by default
  • Rules learning engine
  • Network asset management
  • Network visibility
  • Legacy network connectivity support
  • Time based rules
  • RESTful API (Programmatic Integration)
  • Redundant network controller

Why Veracity

With cyber-attacks on the rise and industrial communication networks growing in complexity, the ability to find and retain OT expertise is a major challenge. The Veracity OT Network Controller, an OT-SDN software platform, enables consolidated management of the industrial control network and is designed to follow rule-based, zero-trust cybersecurity best practices. The outcome is a micro-segmented OT network that is proactive, resilient, and isolated.

The Veracity platform eliminates the need for traditional networking tools – like VLANs, ACLs, spanning trees, and more. Leveraging features like automatic identification of industrial communication devices with EtherNet/IP not only reduces the potential for human-created network and security issues but also eases the implementation process so your network downtime is minimal.

Implement OT network segmentation to manage cyber risk in your OT Network

The Veracity OT Network Management Platform ensures that devices on the network cannot communicate with other devices without explicit permission. Historically, devices are separated by physically or virtually segmenting the network, which is complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. By eliminating the manual aspect, the Veracity solution reduces the cost of a traditional networking project by roughly 50% and will not decay over time. In addition, with a micro-segmented network you can:

  • streamline network segmentation projects by 50% using policy-based network communications
  • block and isolate all unknown traffic to prevent further network infiltration
  • remain compliant and aligned with critical infrastructure protection standards such as NIST CSF, NERC-CIP, IEC 62443, and other cyber standards

OT network visibility and management

Over the last decade, IT and OT teams have been working together to solve business problems, especially when it comes to network management and mitigating cyber risk. Strategies for OT security must include robust management tools that can integrate with enterprise software tools, when appropriate. Enterprise-wide access brings:

  • a centralized software to create and manage OT device communication rules
  • real-time network information and visibility of devices, switches, and bandwidth usage
  • seamless integration with business and other security applications

Veracity: the network control solution for security and scale

From legacy devices to new IoT projects, the Veracity OT Network Management Platform makes future-proofing your OT network easier than ever. Using a consolidated network management tool reduces the time it takes to troubleshoot, maintain, and manage the network –  all of which will reduce downtime, enabling: 

  • a deny by default posture for physically connected devices
  • automated networking processes so changes can be carried out faster and more accurately
  • maintenance of new and existing PLCs and devices without compromising the micro-segmentation strategy

Veracity OT Network Controller

Secure, network management

Veracity OT Network Security Appliance

Combine OT-SDN and industrial switching

Integrate with the Enterprise

An API allows integration with enterprise software tools including MES, MOM, Work Order Management, and any custom system.  Net-Optix uses standard unmodified Ethernet and will work with any cyber security active monitoring tool you already have in place as part of a defense in depth strategy.


No more need to manage each switch individually, worrying about VLans, ACLs, or other frustrating networking paradigms.  With Net-Optix managing switches, simply buy an SDN enabled switch from your favorite vendor and our software takes care of the rest.


Operations that used to require reconfiguring a switch now are handled automatically.  Changes required in the network are now simple to implement.


Group related devices into zones to easily manage your network at scale. Net-Optix is designed to work from 10 end points to 10,000 end points.

Our Value

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Switches will not pass any communication without first assuring with Net-Optix that it is allowed.   No more open ports for bad actors to access.   Lock down even the oldest PLCs and other devices without expensive upgrades.


North bound API allows programmatic integration with business and other security applications. 


Central network management allows for any network topology.  Even supports a mesh network of switches for the ultimate speed and resilience.

Frequently Asked Questions

SDN or Software Defined Networking is an open standard that allows the programmatic management of network traffic.   It is very commonly used in cloud applications and distributed networking by the major players in those industries.

Deny by Default means that no network communication traffic is allowed through switches unless explicitly defined as acceptable by the system.

A Zero Trust Network Architecture requires that no device on the network can be trusted by default.   Typical networks will allow network communication if you are within the same subnet.   Net-Optix will not allow any network communication traffic that is not explicitly authorized by the system no matter where you plug in the device.

Net-Optix requires a Linux computer that runs as the network controller and network switches that support SDN.  We recommend Dynics and SEL switches, but many others support SDN.

We recommend having one of our authorized integration partners install Net-Optix for you.  Please see our partners page to find the best one for you.

How do you think about your plant floor operations? Most people do not think of it in terms of network segregation.  Most people think of wanting this PLC to communicate with that HMI.  This is how Net-Optix presents your network to you.  This allows the people who maintain the operations to also manage the network.

Yes you can.  With learn mode, the system can watch existing network traffic to create the rules required within the system getting you up and running very quickly.   Net-Optix does require SDN switches and if your current system does not support, SDN, we will work with you on the best and most cost effective implementation.

Like most security solutions, Net-Optix is a software-as-a-service subscription solution.   Pricing is based on the size of your network and which options a required for your unique installation.   Please contact us for more information.

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