Top 3 Things We’re Looking Forward to at CS4CA

Pack your bags, we’re taking Veracity to Canada on June 13-14th ! The Cyber Security For Critical Assets (CS4CA) event is taking place in Calgary this year and we’ll be onsite as an event sponsor. The theme for this year’s event is “2023 – The Year We Finally Take OT / ICS Security Seriously” which really resonated with our team with cyber attacks at an all-time high. From downtime and production loss to something as serious as employee safety, budgets are finally being allocated where they should be – protecting OT networks and assets. While onsite, we are most looking forward to these three things:

  1. Tuesday’s panel discussion on how to adapt to new standards and regulations will be a great discussion. The Veracity OT Network Controller is built following critical NERC CIP, ISA, and NIST standards today but this topic is an ever-changing landscape.
  2. Tuesday there’s a Case Study on the Colonial Pipeline attack which we’re looking forward to as it speaks directly to IT and OT working together. With these teams adding connectivity, it’s important to have the right technology and processes in place.
  3. Wednesday’s fireside chat on overcoming internal issues when building cyber programs looks like a great topic. We are constantly advising our customers on how to best manage internal security concerns in parallel with implementing new technology.

We’re looking forward to learning from and with the critical infrastructure leaders at CS4CA. Attending as well? Sign up here to schedule a meeting with the Veracity team onsite.


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