Compatible Switches

The Veracity OT Network Management Platform uses SDN-enabled switches that support OpenFlow technology in order to bring you all of the benefits of micro-segmentation, simplified management, and asset visibility. However, if your current solution does not support OpenFlow, a Veracity solution architect will work with you on a cost-effective implementation plan that provides most of the benefits without wholesale switch replacement.

Every effort is made to test the Veracity OT Network Controller with available switches; however, it is not possible to test all configurations and revisions. We recommend always testing and validating network configurations before going live with production.

OpenFlow is a communications protocol that enables the creation of software-defined networks (SDN). It allows network administrators to easily manage and configure the network. OpenFlow creates more flexible and programmable networks. It is based on the concept of flow tables which are lists of rules that determine how traffic is handled. It’s supported by a wide range of network devices and vendors, and is used in various use cases such as data centers, service providers, and campus networks.

The OpenFlow Standard is managed by the Open Networking Foundation (ONF). 

Validated & Preferred Vendors

  • 2740S
  • 2741
  • 2742S
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories’ operational technology (OT) software-defined networking (SDN) solution supports enterprise and OT requirements ranging from real-time control to process control systems (PCSs), distributed control systems (DCSs), and SCADA. The SDN functionality streamlines network management, change control, and data collection. Their critical infrastructure switches are made in the USA and range in cybersecurity features with a deny-by-default and zero-trust approach to network traffic forwarding.
  • SDN-XL0800XXD1-LIT
  • SDN-XL0602XXD1-LIT
  • SDN-DN1200XXD1-LIT
  • SDN-1U2408XXD1-LIT
The DYNICS ICS 3600.Defender is an industrial control system security platform that is designed to meet the needs of both OT and IT professionals. It supports industry standard protocols and can auto-learn industrial network traffic to minimize manual rule creation. The Defender XL industrial security appliance is compact hardware capable of a Firewall with deep packet inspection, VPN server and client, and more.
  • AT-x230
  • AT-x310
  • AT-x510
  • AT-x550
  • SwitchBlade AT-x908
  • AT-x930
  • AT-x950
  • IE300
  • IE340
  • IE510-28GSX
  • IE210L
Allied Telesis offers switch products that simplify network operations with powerful network automation, intelligent security, and independent certifications. From easy management tools to smart and secure network best practices, the switch families provide cybersecurity options throughout the enterprise.
  • Nexus 3110
  • Nexus 3132
  • Nexus 3232
  • Nexus 3264
  • Nexus 3418
  • Nexus 3464
  • Nexus 3432
  • Nexus 3408
  • Nexus 3524
  • Nexus 3548
  • Nexus 9332
  • Nexus 9372
  • Nexus 93120
  • Nexus 9504
  • Nexus 9508
  • Nexus 9516
  • Catalyst 9300
  • Catalyst 9300L
  • Catalyst 9300X
  • Catalyst 9400
  • Catalyst 9400X
  • Catalyst 9500
  • Catalyst 9500 HP
Cisco offers a wide range of switching solutions, including its Catalyst and Nexus portfolios. Scalable options offer enterprises large and small to take advantage of these products built for security, flexibility, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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