Network Nightmares

A quest to find the best of the worst in networking

The world of network security is constantly evolving, with new technologies and approaches emerging all the time. However, it is important to understand the lessons we can learn from past failures as we look to embrace new innovations. In fact, using an SDN solution would solve many network nightmares installed today. Learning from past nightmares can help uncover OT network best practices for the future. 

We’ve all been there; you walk up to a cabinet, open the doors, and your jaw drops. Staring back at you is – what has to be – the worst network implementation on the planet. Cables are everywhere, dust is forming, switches are decades old – you name it! Whether you’re a past or present employee or a 3rd party network specialist, we want to hear from you!

Join us in our quest to uncover stories that nightmares are made of by telling us about your most memorable networking disaster. Need some inspiration … think about a time when you said, felt, or were told any of the following:

  • Just close the doors and walk away
  • Do not touch anything
  • I’m going to break the network
  • Don’t dust, vacuum, or sneeze too close to the switch
  • Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
  • Attach a ‘do not touch’ sign to the cables
  • What does this cable even do
  • If you pull a cable, the company might go out of business

    We’re excited to hear from the experts in our field and look forward to reading your stories! Remember, all identifying information will be concealed from any published content. 

    Look Familiar ...

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