OT Cyber Security Defense in Depth Buyer's Guide - 2024 Edition

The 2024 buyer’s guide will help sort out what’s appropriate for your organization, as well as identify the companies that are active in each of the technology disciplines that we review. In each section, you will find an overview of the solution, a chart with relative cost, complexity, and the type of organization that should consider it, a list of benefits and challenges, and then finally the most prominent vendors in the space.

What to Expect

The intent is to provide a high-level overview of the most effective and prevalent methodologies, not an exhaustive analysis of features by each vendor, as these vary by category. This should be a starting point to guide you to where you need to dig deeper into cybersecurity solutions for your OT network.

  • Perimeter Firewalls between IT and OT
  • Traditional Network Segmentation
  • Network Micro-Segmentation: Using Software-Defined Networking
  • Remote Access
  • Data Diodes
  • Network IDS/Anomaly Detection
  • Configuration Change Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Security Operations Center/Threat Hunting

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OT-SDN Data Sheet

The Veracity OT Network Management Platform delivers a resilient and secure approach to OT network management. Developed for the industrial automation environment, the solution creates

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