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OT Cyber Resilience

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Reduce Your OT Network Attack Surface

With a zero-trust ICS network micro-segmentation solution

A secure approach to OT network management

With the ever-changing threat landscape, the Veracity Industrial Networks solution improves OT network management and security with network resiliency. 

In partnership with a defense in-depth strategy, micro-segmentation provides network resiliency and lowers the OT network attack surface by restricting communications to/from specific devices from anywhere except approved safe traffic.


a single tool for industrial network management of all OT end-point devices


minimize downtime with self-healing capabilities and eliminate traditional networking pitfalls


an inherent security approach designed for zero trust, deny by default, and micro-segmentation 

Software Defined Networking for OT

Veracity applies software defined networking (SDN) best practices to OT networks – enabling resiliency, reliability, and uninterrupted cybersecurity protection. All that without adding another layer of complexity to your industrial network. Our centralized network management solution makes connecting your legacy networks to your latest network expansions easy and cost-effective.

Increase Network Deployment Productivity

Speed up OT network segmentation projects by 50%

The Veracity OT Network Controller provides an on premise, centralized solution that tracks all connected devices and their communication.

Industries We Serve

Discrete Manufacturing

In the last three years, 53% of industrial manufacturers have experienced a cybersecurity breach in their facility
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Food and Beverage

Made up of 2.1 million farms, 935,000 restaurants and at least 200,000 production and processing facilities
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Studies have shown that 77% of assets are vulnerable to an attack
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Defense Manufacturing

Network segmentation ensures that OT systems can continue to safely operate in the event of a breach
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