Effortless Secure OT Network Management

Using Software Defined Networking (SDN), Veracity provides an innovative industrial network platform that improves the reliability, efficiency, and security of industrial networks and devices, without adding another layer of complexity to the network.

Full Cycle Industrial Network Segmentation, Automation, and Security

Situational Awareness

See connected devices, their identities, functional roles, and the communications between them. This approach delivers a simplified visual display of all networked devices with intuitive tools that identify communication trends and issues.

Network Resilience

The system utilizes a pre-defined policy for each defined threat or operational state, based on the communication needs of the control system. When a threat or operational state changes, the pre-designed policy is executed.

Security Response

Cyber security experts and analysts will now have a centralized platform to plan and execute responses to an attack. All forensic investigation and recovery can be visualized, monitored managed and controlled from one place.

Redefining What's Possible

Explore the future of industrial networking cybersecurity.

Introducing Veracity’s Industrial SDN Controller, Net-Optix™, a resilient, secure industrial network that provides an on premise, centralized control, and monitoring solution that tracks all connected devices and their communications. Our platform is a secure by default network that moves beyond the detection and alerting of cyber events into a resilient network that reduces the attack surface by design.

Industries We Serve


Nuclear, wind, solar, and coal

and Beverage

Petroleum, rigs, refineries


Natural gas, industrial plants


Automotive, materials, clothing


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