CSIA 2023 Executive Conference Activities You Won’t Want to Miss

We always look forward to the annual CSIA event for many reasons and this year is no exception. The manufacturing market is facing challenges like none before, and this event is a chance for our peer network to come together to explore new business opportunities and solutions. In the cybersecurity market, we face increasing threat landscapes literally every second of every day. From malware embedded in components to phishing emails and everything in between – often cyber solutions are layers of defense that need a strong ecosystem to build and maintain them. This is where organizations like CSIA play a key role in bringing together the best of the best in technology providers and integrators. We’re looking forward to coming together in NOLA on May 15-19, for the full event program but here are some highlights:


The main stage speakers at this year’s event are focused on giving actionable guidance to business leaders. While the topics may vary, the themes are clearly oriented around leadership and talent. We’re looking forward to learning:

  • the questions disrupters ask themselves to ensure leaders are asking the right questions of themselves and their team
  • how economic conditions are driving trends within the current labor market
  • actionable ideas for attracting and retaining key talent

Speed Networking

Members and SI partners can introduce themselves, their companies, areas of specialization, and share their event goals. This is a great opportunity to see what companies you’ll want to connect with during formal and informal networking times. As a cybersecurity technology company, we offer a unique OT solution using network segmentation at the core. Finding the right partners is key to our success and CSIA is bringing us together.

Stop by our booth Wednesday afternoon for a demo and discussion – we look forward to seeing everyone in NOLA.


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