The Veracity Must-do List for the Upcoming S4 Event

The Veracity Must-do List for the Upcoming S4 Event

The annual S4 event (S4x23) is shaping up to be a great week in South Beach. We’re told they’ve already sold over 900 tickets to the cybersecurity community with the promise of full days focused on ‘The Future of OT and ICS security.’ From keynotes to technical sessions and networking in between – Dale Peterson even has some out-of-the-box fun activities scheduled for the evenings. We’re certainly looking forward to spending February 13-16 in Miami this year.

There are so many reasons to be at S4 this year and before we get into our list of specific sessions, we also want to emphasize the high-level reasons that in-person events – like this one – are so important. As an event sponsor, we most look forward to meeting every single one of the 900+ attendees (and perhaps giving away some fun prizes) – but as attendees ourselves, we’re also looking forward to these three things:

  1. To learn about the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in cybersecurity
  2. To network with industry peers and partners
  3. To discover new products and services from a variety of vendors

We’ve started to build our onsite agenda and thought you may want to see what’s at the top of our list. Remember, however, that S4 continues to announce sessions and keynotes leading up to the event, so we reserve the right to add to this list up until the buzzer. Here’s our list – in no particular order – of must-do activities:

  • Stop by the Veracity booth at check-in to meet Jim and Jason, get a quick overview of our micro-segmentation solution, and grab our cool swag.
  • Tuesday – the kickoff from Dale Peterson (the S4 founder himself) never disappoints.
  • Tuesday – Who doesn’t love an Amazon use case? There’s an interesting session about an Amazon Fulfillment Center that is safely and securely connecting its OT and IT systems.
  • Wednesday – the morning session is an interview with Bill Fehrman, President & CEO for Berkshire Hathaway Energy. We have quite a few use cases in the Energy sector and look forward to hearing Bill’s viewpoints.
  • Wednesday – the afternoon session led by Jeff Smith, DYNICS, around the problems and solutions in deploying SDN in OT aligns very well with our Veracity OT Network Management Platform.
  • Thursday – the gameshow ‘My Favorite Metric’ looks like it’ll be a fun one where contestants have 3 minutes to present their favorite cybersecurity or risk metric for a chance to win.
  • Thursday – we run into the skills gap challenge with all of our customers, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. We’re looking forward to the session by Rockwell Automation’s Andrea Kittelson about ‘Identifying, hiring (and firing), and training non-traditional talent for the OT security team.’

While this is just a small glimpse into our week at S4, we know it’ll be an educational event. With cyber-attacks continuing to rise, the number of connected devices rising, and networks becoming increasingly more complex, the challenge of building and managing a secure OT network has never reached this level of criticality. Finding the right partner is the first step to starting your security journey, let us know if you need help.


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