Using Automated Network Micro-Segmentation
to Manage Cyber Risk in Your OT Environments

Using Automated Network Micro-Segmentation
to Manage Cyber Risk in Your OT Environments 

As cyber risks including ransomware attacks continue to increase in Industrial
Companies, regulators, insurance companies, and outside auditors are recommending
and often mandating that industrial companies invest in better managing their OT
network attack surface.

Micro-network segmentation benefits
  • Reduce the Attack Surface of the OT Network
  • Better Visibility and Management of OT Network Operations
  • Minimize the number of users in specific zones
  • Limit the ability of adversaries to get command and control during a ransomware
  • Provides asset visibility on what is on the network
  • Stay compliant with cyber insurance policies
  • Aligns with NIST CSF and other Cyber Standards
  • Delivers a Zero Trust Framework
How does micro-segmentation work

In a typical segmentation project, devices at different layers in the plant or different
sections are broken up by physically or virtually segmenting the network. This requires a
redesign of the network, along with implementation and continuous monitoring of
configuration rules. A micro-segmented network creates a firewall for every device on the
network by restricting communications to that device from anywhere except known safe
traffic. Changes to the network do not compromise the segmentation strategy, reducing
cost and complexity.

How does this fit in with a defense-in-depth strategy

There are two main strategies that are part of a defense in-depth approach to cyber
security: proactive and reactive. Reactive approaches focus on scanning assets and
network traffic for changes that indicate a bad actor has infiltrated your network.
Proactive security focuses on guarding assets against initial infiltration. Micro-segmentation is a fundamental part of a defense-in-depth strategy and is very effective in
preventing bad actors’ access to your assets, network, and intellectual property.


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