Veracity Industrial Networks Announces Release of Net-Optix® v1.7

Ann Arbor, MI – May 9, 2022 — Veracity Industrial Networks, a developer of Industrial Software Defined Network (SDN)-based technology for operational networks, today announced the release of v1.7 of Net-Optix delivering new features for network management and improved license management.

V1.7 introduces two new features for managing your operational network.  The first is cross domain routing enabling the ability to have multiple layer 3 domains in your plant without VLANs, inter-VLAN routing or a separate piece of hardware.  Second is the ability to schedule network rules.  The new scheduler allows communication to only during a specific time or to allow guest access for a set amount of time preventing ports being left open accidentally.

“As a premier partner of Veracity’s, Interstates is very excited about this release.  Cross domain routing simplifies the network architecture for our largest clients, in turn allowing them to work more efficiently and most importantly, securely,” said Interstates’ President, Doug Post.

 “The Net-Optix v1.7 release offers our customers a seamless experience to secure their industrial control networks, a solution that is critical within the current manufacturing environment,” said Veracity’s Vice President of Product, Jason Weber.

This release also improves the license management experience by providing the ability to active the software offline removing the requirement to communicate with a licensing server.


About Veracity Industrial Networks

Veracity delivers effortless zero trust network management by applying software defined networking to the OT network.   Veracity’s solutions reduce the complexity of industrial networks by managing the switches from a centralized controller eliminating the most tedious and problematic tasks typically encountered running a network.   The Net-Optix® network is a deny by default, zero trust micro-segmented network only allowing traffic explicitly allowed by the user securing even the oldest of OT end points.

Veracity’s mission is to drastically simplify network management and security so that best in class OT security is available to all companies.  For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @veracityio.

Net-Optix is a trademarks of Veracity Industrial Networks

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Media Contact:

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Marketing Director

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