Veracity Industrial Networks Expands Capabilities with Net-Optix v 2.0

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN – January 10, 2023 — Veracity Industrial Networks, a leading cybersecurity developer of micro-segmentation solutions for industrial control system (ICS) networks, announced today the release of version 2.0 of Net-Optix®. The company is delivering several new features for managing risk within the operational technology (OT) environment.

The first enhancement is automatic identification capabilities for EtherNet/IP-enabled devices, which reduces downtime associated with network set-up and management. Networks are often complicated and made up of many legacy devices and as a result, it is challenging for users to keep track of all the hardware sitting on their network. Setting a rule in Net-Optix now eliminates the manual process of locating EtherNet/IP endpoints, reducing human error and making network set-up more efficient with automatic device information populating in the software.

Net-Optix version 2.0 also brings support for Cisco Catalyst IOx into the ICS architecture. With the large installed base of Cisco OpenFlow switches, this feature will expand Net-Optix use cases within Cisco environments and enable users to take advantage of their existing network architecture. In addition, the latest release supports cross-domain forwarding which enhances the existing cross-domain routing feature so multiple domains can be on a single switch.

“As cyber threats become increasingly more sophisticated, businesses are investing in defensive strategies to protect their attack surface. The latest release of Net-Optix expands the capabilities of OT network micro-segmentation by making it extremely easy to identify EtherNet/IP devices in your architecture,” said Veracity’s Vice President of Product, Jason Weber.

As with each release from Veracity Industrial Networks, customer feedback plays a key role in the product roadmap. Net-Optix version 2.0 enhances the user experience with improved filtering and data tables, sidebar navigation, and gives the ability to hide devices that are not needed for ICS network management. All of which will increase productivity when managing an OT network.


About Veracity Industrial Networks

Veracity delivers effortless zero trust network management by applying software defined networking to the OT network.  Veracity’s solutions reduce the complexity of industrial networks by managing the switches from a centralized controller eliminating the most tedious and problematic tasks typically encountered running a network. The Net-Optix® network is a deny by default, zero trust micro-segmented network only allowing traffic explicitly allowed by the user securing even the oldest of OT end points.

Veracity’s mission is to drastically simplify network management and security so that best in class OT security is available to all companies. For more information, visit our website at

Net-Optix® is a trademark of Veracity Industrial Networks.

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