Veracity Industrial Networks Expands Leadership Team with Announcement of New CEO

Veteran CEO Jim Crowley tapped to lead the company’s growth in the industrial network security market

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN – August 2, 2022 — Veracity Industrial Networks, a developer of Industrial Software Defined Networking (SDN) -based technology for operational networks, announced today that it is expanding its leadership team with the addition of Jim Crowley as the company’s new CEO. With a significant background in tech innovation and business development, Crowley joins Veracity as it levels up its support for critical network protection.

A veteran of the information security space, Crowley is passionate about Veracity’s mission and focus on managing and shielding critical infrastructure. Over the last 20 years, he has taken on many roles within the industry, including industrial sales, supply and operations management. Applying his extensive experience in Cloud, IT, OT/ICS networking and information security, he has also helped build companies such as Industrial Defender, Threatstack, and SecurityMatters into high growth organizations.

“I am excited to join the team at Veracity Industrial Networks and to have the opportunity to lead the team as it continues to scale the ways in which customers can better manage and secure their OT network infrastructure at a time when it is more important than ever,” said Crowley.

“We are thrilled to have a seasoned executive like Jim lead Veracity’s next stage of growth,” relayed Dave Whitehead, Veracity Director and CEO of Schweitzer Engineering Labs. “As an investor and customer of Veracity, SEL sees tremendous value in the Veracity product offering. We believe software defined networking(SDN) is the next big thing in OT.”

As CEO, Crowley will oversee Veracity’s go to market strategy, services and day to day operations. Current products offered by Veracity include Net-Optix™, the revolutionary product simplifying and streamlining the process of maintaining and updating security systems for infrastructure networks, and its SDN-based Industrial Network Controller, which provides dynamic traffic control via the ability to enable or disable multiple traffic rules at a time.

About Veracity Industrial Networks

Veracity delivers effortless zero trust network management by applying software defined networking to the OT network.   Veracity’s solutions reduce the complexity of industrial networks by managing the switches from a centralized controller eliminating the most tedious and problematic tasks typically encountered running a network.   The Net-Optix® network is a deny by default, zero trust micro-segmented network only allowing traffic explicitly allowed by the user securing even the oldest of OT end points.

Veracity’s mission is to drastically simplify network management and security so that best in class OT security is available to all companies.  For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @veracityio.

Net-Optix® is a trademark of Veracity Industrial Networks. 

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